Karen from Pakenham

“Investing in this chair has transformed my health. You know I don’t have to ring and worry about appointments around work and the kids. Where I can come into my study and I know what I’m getting every time I hop in the chair.

I’ve had another massage chair and it rocked and it spun and it laid back and it was heated. But the massage, the depth of it just wasn’t there. It was just a little shake and a little quiver down your back. It just didn’t get right in there into those spots where you really need it.

The whole customer service team were absolutely brilliant I just, they just talked to me like I was a friend, they weren’t pushy at all. And I seriously – I don’t do pushy, I’ll hang up on them, no they were fantastic – all of them.

I really recommend the masseuse massage chair it is just really good. Honestly good.”


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