Leigh Clarke

Very happy to be able to do a review for the team at Masseuse Massage. They have been great to deal with and to be able to show people out there that the chair is great. It’s definitely a good investment and it’s something that anyone of any age can enjoy.


Yes, So my wife and I, when we started looking at getting a massage chair, we jumped online and started looking through all the different sites that sold the massage chairs throughout Australia. And there’s quite a few out there that we were looking into.


But our final decision was with masseuse massage chairs based on the other reviews provided by other customers. And on the features that the chair provides, we had the chair now for about five months and definitely see why this is the one that was the highest reviewed and very happy with the decision that we made.


I really quite enjoyed the way the back works in a really strong massage for someone myself, I’m quite fit and my body does need that little bit more pressure. For me if I was going to go see a masseuse, I generally asked for it to be a bit harder.


And the fact that I can sit in this chair and get a massage, that’s quite firm. I really feel I’m getting the benefit from it. There’s no point in getting soft handed and massages, If you’ve got deep tissue issues. I would highly recommend this massage chairs from the staff in the office to everyone in the background doing their work into the chair itself. We’ve had a faultless run and really enjoyed every aspect of it. We definitely recommend them to anyone out there that’s looking for a great investment and a great massage chair.


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