Les from Geelong

“Anyone that’s thinking of getting a chair, research this company their fantastic.

Oh look, that’s the best feeling. You hop out, you feel light as a feather. You feel like you’re walking on air and you think, oh that was really great. All my aches and pains just disappeared, I stopped taking tablets, I didn’t need those anymore. Six hundred dollars a month I would spend on massages. Now if you add that up over 12 months say 18 months, that’s about, quite a bit of money you can save and it’s at your convenience.

You don’t have to phone up and make a booking, oh sorry we can’t fit you in. The chair is always available to me. This is a really great company. The guys and girls that work behind the switchboard and talk to you on the phone, their fantastic. They made you feel like you part of the family. The guys that delivered it they cleared everything away they took the boxes away, the set the chair up and made sure everything was really good. I sleep like a baby at night, wake up refreshed and eager to go to work. Everyone say, oh les you’re looking really good today and I say well, I’ve got a massage chair at home, and it’s the best investment we’ve ever done.”

Les enjoys his new masseuse massage chair



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