Tracey from Caroline Springs

“I wanted to make an investment, it’s actually a lifelong investment, I do need massages fortnightly.

So this is at my fingertips so I don’t need to make appointments its not, there’s no extra outlay this is it.

This, what I’m sitting in here is the therapeutic dual pro. So this is the Rolls Royce of massage chairs, the quality is top notch. It’s right down to the little touch screen and the Bluetooth speakers, even the finish its beautiful, everything zips off, its easy to clean.

So the chair for me is definitely pain relief, pain management for me is well its for the rest of my life so if I can reduce the amount of medication I take daily, since I’ve had the chair now I haven’t had to take them.

Definitely convenient for me, whether I need a 10 minute pick me up or a half an hour even two hours to relax, I can just zone out the world and go in my little cocoon of happiness. The team at Masseuse massage chairs are very knowledgeable about their product definitely helpful for me to know that the company is in Australia. At the touch of a finger, you know they if you have any issues their just local.

If you’re doing your research, make that phone call go see masseuse massage chairs there’s a whole range that suits budgets and lifestyles.”


Additional comment:
“100% it works, its great for circulation and your muscles, so now I don’t have to take my pain killers every day, I was taking up to six a day.”


Tracy Masseuse Massage Chair Testimonial

Tracy purchased the therapeutic dual pro from Masseuse Massage chair

Tracy relaxes with her new Masseuse Massage Chair

Tracys chair includes a touch screen

Tracy relaxes with her new Masseuse Massage Chair

Tracy’s chair includes a touch screen

Tracy bought her Masseuse Massage chair online

Tracy purchased her Masseuse Massage chair from



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